The Concept of Reality in The Film the Matrix Essay

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The Concept of Reality in The Film the Matrix As the dawn of a new millennium approaches, people from all walks of life find themselves asking questions like "what will become?" and "what will destiny bring in the next century?" An event that happens but once every thousand years brings with it a sense of anticipation. In some, this anticipation is one of nervous fervor, and in others, it may be a cautious eagerness for a fresh start. Whatever the polarity of this event may be on the

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In his analog world, he gets up, goes to work, and does everything that a "normal" life would entail. In his digital world, he lives in a virtual space with no rules or regulations.
From the beginning, it is made clear that "Neo" is much more successful in his this society than "Thomas" is. When there is a knock at the door late in the evening, Neo answers to Troy, who is looking for some kind of virtual "fix." From here it is clear that Neo spends most of his time in a virtual space among hackers and freaks who rely on his expertise. Troy, upon receiving what he came for, enlightens by proclaiming Neo as a savior.

The meat of the story begins when Thomas, while in his little cubical at work, receives a cell phone form FedEx. It is Morpheus, the leader of a band of rebels, cautioning that some authorities are coming for Neo. As the story continues, it becomes a battle between Morpheus' band of rebels (which Neo becomes a part of) and the authorities led by Agent Smith. What is being fought for, however, is the true insight to this story. Morpheus explains to Neo, when trying to recruit him, that the every day life he lives is not a reality. The world "Thomas" lives in is actually a computer program created to keep humans occupied while a certain technology, The Matrix, uses their energy to stay alive. The real year is 2190, and humans are nothing more than batteries, hardwired into a computer, running a machine that in turn, runs the world.
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