The Change of Perspective in the Author of Sky High Essay

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The Change of Perspective in the Author of Sky High

The text Sky-High shows the change of perspective in the author,
Hannah Robert, as she goes from an imaginative and curious child to an adult with less freedom and more responsibility. It explores the nature of change, which occurs in the transition from child to adult

While the author is reminiscing about her childhood, we see her perspective of herself and her backyard and her world. Her backyard becomes a place where she can have many adventures with many different characters. As she describes her backyard, the mood changes as her “… thoughts return to my original plan, the ultimate conquest of the washing line.”. With the use of the word conquest a feeling that she
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When she reaches up to its wires she sees her hands “… beginning to accumulate the line-etched story of her life in scares and wrinkles…”. Since being a child the author has faced many experiences that have forced her to grow up. She is no longer the curious and free-flying child she used to be and now has a much more negative perspective of the backyard and world. Although she has a small urge to swing of the washing line again, this is described in the line, “… a small pilot light burning somewhere inside…”. But as a matured adult she realises that this would be irresponsible and that the washing line could no longer support her weight. “There are too many things tying me to the ground.”, empathizes this feeling of responsibility that hangs on her shoulders, and that this responsibility is the reason she cannot be free again.

The imagery used in paragraph 6, shows the responder that even though the author is only 18, she has seen much that is beyond her time. This imagery is shown in the lines; “… beginning to accumulate the line-etched story of my life in scares and wrinkles…” and “… now I write my own semaphore secrets in colourful t-shirts and mismatched socks.”. This is a comparison to the imagery used in Paragraph 1-4. the imagery through-out the passage is developed through metaphors, similes and personification. Verbs help keep the feeling of movement through-out the passage. For example in the line “The washing line

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