The Challenges Faced by Multicultural Children in American Schools

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Multicultural children encounter a wide array of challenges in schools in America. These challenges hinder their ability to efficiently grow and be productive. Student’s success depends on whether their social and academic lives satisfy their needs. A close study of multicultural students’ obstacles and opinions of their educational experiences in America indicates the problems and solutions for improving their learning, social and cultural experiences.
Considering the views of students is especially relevant to understanding the difficulties evident in multicultural classrooms. Such students encounter challenges and setbacks adjusting socially and academically to the American atmosphere. The key to solving this problem is not to merely
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Unfortunately, little attention is given to address such needs. As a result, these students become aggravated, as lecturers erroneously perceive their lack of knowledge in technical, cultural and political terms as generic trouble with English. One student expressed, “They need to understand that we are not English. It is important so they know how to explain things, how to talk to us” (Turner). Nonetheless, a close look at some focus groups presents some concerns that need to be addressed and proposals for improvement.
One focus group illustrated some of the tensions and frustrations of multicultural students. One early problem arises from the different English levels of students, which can delay the educational experience of the entire group. They also have different backgrounds. Making matters worse is that many shy away from speaking up in class which provides an obstacle for teachers to attain a good understanding of the students and their levels of English skills. Nonetheless, several suggestions were made in correspondence to this study.
Social and Cultural Adjustment proves to be vital in alleviating problems inherent among multicultural students. “Tertiary institutions have a social responsibility to design learning environments which foster

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