Essay about The Awful Side Effects of an Internet Addiction

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Four-hundred pounds of bed-ridden mass, but not ridden of the Internet. Wrappers cover the floor and flies cover the wrappers, but not enough to rid them of the Internet. The bed springs screech with each sudden movement, that is if they can move, but never do the springs fail so that they must rid themselves of the Internet. An asteroid from space could rocket into their front door, but even that, this one in a million chance event, could never get the addicted four-hundred pound man or women to rid themselves of the highly addictive Internet. As the bright light of the screen shines against the grease hanging off of their fat lip, they fail to see their self-harming ways. This is the abuse of a tool that can bring information to people …show more content…
The disrespectful text-at-the-table child would rather chat through the Internet than chat with family. If unchecked it could lead to social ineptitude within real life. While interacting online can bring an experience that cannot be done in real life – such as chatting with people in foreign countries – it can lead to a habit that destroys personal real life interactions. However, these two types of people are not the only victims; over 160 million Americans are regular Internet users (Brandt 1). With both of these cases and the other 160 million Americans, the solution is moderation. People can exercise instead of sitting upon their bum, or visit with family instead of their friends across the world. Time management and self-discipline are two ways to combat laziness in general and it is not any different with the Internet in the mix. Remember that any beneficial service will have its downfall and the Internet is no different. Anybody who is responsible would not let the Internet get in the way of their life, but the lazy people that do can only expect misfortunes to come their way.
Imagine living in a filthy house with the remnants of insects laying in the too hard to reach corners of the cabinets in the kitchen. Only that those too hard to reach corners are easy to reach when a chair is pulled up to the counter. Nobody wishes to lives in a dirty home; much less eat off

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