Technological Changes in the United States since 1945-2000: The Past

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The post World War II era provided new opportunities for the people of United States to explore and develop new technologies which changed the United States dramatically; for example, a treatment for polio, space exploration, introduction to computer, advancement in weapons industry, auto industry, and color television, etc. With all the technological advancements, how did technology change United States? The paper will discuss the technological changes that happened in each era since 1945 to 2000. The paper will give each decade’s most important technological inventions and changes; additionally, changes in people’s lives and what were positive or negatives impact in society, politics, and economy. The relentless parade of
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Three days later, on 9 August 1945, another bomb was exploded over Nagasaki, Japan and the bomb was named Fat Man.” The nuclear bomb was considered the most dangerous bomb in the world at that time and present because the devastation that occurred in Japan was irreparable it killed over 200,000 people and devastated the land because of radiations of the nuclear bomb. The use of nuclear bomb and other biological weapons had negative impact on the people living in United States because people in United States were afraid that other countries (enemies) could use the same weapon to kill thousands of people in the United States. As weaponry was important in the late 1940s logistical support and many other inventions were also important parts in changing people living in United States and soldiers fighting abroad. The advancements in logistics helped soldiers and people living in the United States because people had better transportation means like better vehicles, trucks, trains, ships, and aircrafts. The other inventions included Space Observatory, Credit Card (1946), Transistor (1947), Defibrillator (1947), and Supersonic aircraft (1947). The observation of planets, galaxies, and other objects in space conducted in 1940s and astrophysicists were using instruments with better technological telescopes. As the first use of credit card dates back to the 1920’s in the United

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