Tech Savvy Teens Essay

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Technology has advance far beyond what our parents knew. During the time in which our parents grew up things such as ‘apps’ and ‘tweets’ didn’t exist. But these terms are quite familiar to today’s generation of teenagers. The use of Socially Interactive Technology’s or SIT’s such as online networking sites, text messaging, and instant messaging (IM) are becoming more and more popular among teens (Pierce). Social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter are examples of SIT’s. SIT’s can be used by anyone, but they are most popular among teenagers. Though SIT’s are meant to be fun ways to interact with friends, they can also be very dangerous. Socially Interactive Technology’s are dangerous to teens because they can easily put …show more content…
Their popularity could also be attributed to the Tipping Point theory. The Tipping Point is the point at which something obscure becomes a social phenomenon. Take for example the Tipping Point for the classic American shoe Hush Puppies. The brand was only sold by backwoods outlets and was down 30,000 pairs. But then somewhere between 1994 and 1995 they made a tremendous comeback (Gladwell 434). Their rush of popularity is said to have come simply from word of mouth. Word of mouth can also be account for the boom of STI’s.
SIT’s are a great way for teens to meet and connect with each other. Some even claim that sites like MySpace can help teens discover themselves and what they want to be (Rapacki 28). Teens can be free to speak with each other and discuss anything they desire. And here is where we find a central flaw in SIT’s. They make teens feel safe and some release personal information that could potentially put them in danger.
Other than social networking sites SIT’s such as texting, chat rooms, and IM’s are also popular among teens. Four out of five teens own a cell phone, computer, or personal data assistant (Protecting children and teens from cyber-harm np). For many teens texting is a replacement for talking on the phone according to a poll of 2,089 teens (Teens Who Text np). This may sound ridiculous to those of the older generation but this is how technology has changed. In addition to

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