Strategies for Effective College Level Writing Essay

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To know how to improve your college level writing skills, first of all you need to understand what college level writing is. Melzer (2011) states that College-level writing is a broad term with many different characteristics which focuses on self-thinking rather than engaging material with the idea that you have to agree with everything the author of the writing has to say; you have to know how to do proper research, your writing has to be persuasive, the organization of your ideas has to be sophisticated which means it has to varied, not following the same order/template every time, and all the arguments that you estate in your writings have to have strong back up support; grammar, and vocabulary are part of these characteristics as well …show more content…
At first students might not understand what is that they are lacking, and it might not even be their fault. According to Mabrito, (2000) writing apprehension is a habit/characteristic which makes people uninterested towards writing, they try to avoid it, feel uneasy and uncomfortable to have their work viewed or criticized by others, anxiety increases when their work is expected to be shown in a public forum, gradually their writing confidence decreases, as well as the quality of their work (Mabrito, 2000, p. 41). This is not something new, and it affects a major number of people, and their choices dramatically since they tend to look/go for the fields that they think will require a minimum amount of writing skills.
To overcome/diminish writing apprehension, and improve your writing skills, first of all we have to increase our writing confidence; and according to Martinez (2011) the best way to do this is by addressing writing self- efficacy beliefs, which means nothing more than addressing the way we feel/think about our skills as a student/writer (Martinez, 2011). Being actively engaged in writing exercises with professors, other students, and people in general is vital to overcome writing apprehension. Feedbacks from whoever analyses your writing will give you the chance to understand and think about what you did wrong, and things you could improve on, so that in your future writing you do not do the same

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