Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategic Human Resource Management plays crucial role in every business organization no matter if it is commercial or non-commercial. According to Dessler, “strategic human resource management means formulating and executing human resource policies and practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviours a company needs to achieve its strategic aims” (2011). This paper is focused on the analysis of relations between corporate and HRM strategy on the example of institution – KIMEP University.
KIMEP University is an institution of higher education offering credit-based, North American-style degree curricula in Almaty, Kazakhstan. KIMEP is an independent, not-for-profit coeducational institute serving a
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The corporate strategy of the university is aimed to “delivering a world-class education experience to all its students” (KIMEP 2011-2014 Strategy, 2014). KIMEP is focused to become a world-class university that delivers qualified, skilful and knowledgeable graduates to the society (see Appendix 2). In the document “KIMEP 2011-2014 Strategy” there were identified eleven priority areas as the part of strategic plan of the university (list of priorities in Appendix 3). All the priorities are crucial for the development of university and the maintaining of success. Among these eleven priorities there is one named “Ensure a committed core faculty” that is crucial priority for teaching university and it is directly related to the HR strategy of the university.
Analyzing KIMEP University, it is clearly seen that KIMEP’s competitive strategy is differentiation. University offers “world-class curriculum based on international standards”, taking leading positions in the support system such as “a first-rate Language Center, the largest English-language library in the CIS, a modern Sports Center and much more” (KIMEP official website, 2014).
Moreover, Human Resource Department is inevitable part of organization’s prosperity; it is the base of a company since it deals with people/staff. KIMEP’s HR strategy is to attract “highly qualified professional from around the globe” (“Guidelines KIMEP

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