Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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However you define the activities of management, and whatever the organisational processes are, an essential part of the process of management is that proper attention be given to the Human Resource function. The human element provides a major part in the overall success of the organisation. Therefore there must be an effective human resource function. In the past, most organisations viewed Human Resource Management (HRM) as an element function, that is an activity that is supportive of the task functions and does not normally have any accountability for the performance of a specific end task. Because of the emphasis on analysis and precision there is a tendency for strategists to concentrate on economic data and ignore the way in which …show more content…
These themes of integration and a central philosophy of people management have been drawn out by a number of writers , for example Handy et al (1989) and Hendry and Pettigrew (1986). As early as 1983 Baird et al went one step beyond this and argued that there can be no organisational strategy without the inclusion of human resources. Firms such as 3M were at the forefront of a trend towards recognising human resources as a crucial element in the strategic success of organisations (4). At 3M, high level managers within the HRM function participate directly in strategy formulation. They also help co-ordinate the HR aspects of strategy implementation (5). The extent to which the human resource function is involved in both organisational and human resource strategy development is dependent on a range of factors.

- The Personnel Role in the Organisation

The degree of involvement in strategy is dependent on the status and level of regard the Human Resource function is given in the organisation. One way this can be assessed is by viewing the role of the most senior personnel officer.

- Organisational Culture

How does the organisation view its employees ? as a cost or an investment?
Buller (1988) found that the degree of integration between organisational and human resource strategy was influenced by its

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