Social Networking: Privacy Issues Essay

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Is it an invasion of privacy, if we place our private thoughts and photos on social websites and other people besides out friends and family view it?

Who really reads the terms of use and conditions in a privacy statement online? We just click the checkbox and keep on going. If we had to read each and every single line, no one would ever sign up on a social networking site. How do users protect themselves through the forest of privacy options so they can get the most out of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with the least amount of risk? The more information a user gives to the social network the greater risk that someone could misuse or steal information. Most users do not understand how to protect themselves and go through the
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According to Facebook (2008), if a user is connected to a group, they will provide a list of users currently registered in a group.
Is there such a thing called privacy on the Internet? If the user belonged to the bowling team group and one of the colleagues’ gets in trouble with the law and is under investigation by law enforcement, the entire groups information is feed to law enforcement by association. This takes on a new meaning of the saying “you are who you associate with” to a whole new level. Most social network sites relinquish all responsibility to the user. If the user places a picture on the site of them taking Jell-O shots off of some woman’s stomach it is the property of the social network site. If someone copy and paste the picture and sends it to your bosses email box. It is not fair, but it is the user’s responsibility. What was intended for fun just turned into a nightmare?
For example, many people were outraged at Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesses James Nazi poses found on

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