Social Analysis Essay

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Social Analysis Assignment

Social analysis means taking the time, habit, to question what is happening in the world around us. It means asking questions about society and looking for answers about what's going on and who it affects. Social analysis not only helps us develop a critical awareness of the world, but also to lead us toward social justice. When analyzing these questions it often brings out other links, or connections between different social issues, and this helps us dig beneath the surface, and find out what is really going on in society.
For example, when discussing coffee, one might want to find out were it comes from, how are the workers treated, what process it goes through to get to you. You also might want to ask
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Social analysis takes straightforward and common relationships and considers them not as separated, isolated units but as a whole, as parts of a structure. It unveils the more general structures that define or confine these common relationships, that define the meaning and set the limits of our daily activities. In some cases these structures can be helpful or harmful in their effects on people.

Popular beliefs and patterns of thought also influence the shape of society. If popular belief of issues were always right, then there would be no need for social analysis. Unfortunately this is not the case, in fact most beliefs tend to be based on scattered bits of information or even misinformation. This is why social analysis is critical. It questions whether official truth is always true. The results may well stand in sharp contrast to popular beliefs.

Just about every social issue has a long history, and has been studied many times before. When doing a historical analysis, the object is to view the past not as the good old days, but critically, with an eye for the effect on the present. Most social issues have a history that contributes to the problem currently at hand, and if understood, can help to explain and deal with the problem.

Concentration of ownership is the basic idea of owning and controlling as much as possible. What

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