Sex in Advertising: A Focus on Models Essay

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Sensual Advertisement

Sex is visible in almost all streams of media and the seductively toned advertisements over-power magazines’ pages, television commercials, and billboards on the road. Bringing a visual ad to sell products is a good way to get people’s attention. Corporative objective of advertisement is using models to sell their products. Nowadays, typical 21st century advertisements use young teen models wearing very little clothes. Sensual actions in the pictures of advertisement are pressed on teens at the ages of 17-20. These kinds of ads make a great deal of confusion as to what is acceptable in real life. Sex in advertising is everywhere: Sultry models, shirtless men, skimpily dressed women, passionate embraces, and
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The clothing companies are using their advertisement to sell their clothes using their models, but obviously the models are often not showing the clothes on the ads. The ads are showing the models with minimum clothes. Obviously, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie use the sensuality of action for their ads. Both brands are trying to sell the sensational of the actions that the models provide. In these pictures, the models are very young, yet they are still doing some sexual actions. These kinds of advertisements are trying to give messages to people that, these days, it is okay to have threesome and to hook up with a bunch of guys as long as you wear our products. Due to the ages of the models, the advertisements are aimed to the teens. Like the picture that will show on the next page, this ad from the Abercrombie, sex appeal was obviously used. This ad does exaggerate the use of pathos because this ad arouses sensual emotions. Again, this ad is showing more about the action than the clothes. The buyer will barely be able to see the clothes that the company tries to sell. The obvious thing that we can see in this ad is the action of the models. They are sleeping together on top of each other. There is a girl hugging a guy. They both are not wearing any top clothes. This girl was covered only with a gift ribbon on her buttocks. The man that she hugs is also covered by the same gift ribbon. This advertisement is trying to sell Abercrombie winter collection. In this picture,

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