Essay on Schools Where Everyone Belongs Curriculum Review

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As an educator you may encounter many obstacles and have to overcome several hurdles, but they all key to you being successful at your job. One thing that Administrators and Educators face alike is the constant occurrences of bullying in schools. No matter what school or where it is, bullying has the potential to occur and most likely is already present. The Schools Where Everyone Belongs is curriculum that can be used to effectively teach Administration and Educators how to understand, and deal with bullying. This curriculum guideline is structured sequentially. It begins by discussing bullying, dispelling the myths about the subject and then moves on to teaching techniques to deal with this behavior in schools. This book takes an …show more content…
He first went through teaching the educators about bullying and what it was, then he went on to discuss how to create an open and safe space for dialogue between teachers and students. He gave instruction on a discipline process and discipline system as well as a reflection process for students. The way it is suggested to implement these techniques and systems is by holding monthly grade level assemblies, sending information and tips home to parents and by teachers staying in constant dialogue with their students. The overall goal of this curriculum is to get everyone involved in the process of combating bullying using prevention and intervention methods to help students have a safe school experience. The guide suggests that this program can be integrated into the schools code of conduct by introducing simple changes like uniform policies. The guide suggests that Guidance Counselors use the techniques in there meetings with students, that teachers explain and enforce the expectations in their classrooms. In class instruction on emotional literacy, problem solving and conflict resolution are also mentioned as ways of integrating this in to students learning. It further encourages peer-led seminars and suggests teacher and parent workshops. In order to facilitate discussions and help educators understand, this guide gives Practice Exercises

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