Saint Abbey of La Magdeleine Analysis Essay

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In the Middle Ages, architecture impacted faith which in turn, played an important role for the society. Saint Abbey of La Magdeleine supported the rise of Catholicism as it provided a large place of worship and aided the people to convert with the use of its relics. The background of this building and the connections it had to many biblical figures made the society believe it was sacred.The basilica had many major components which showed different themes correlated with the prime religion of the Middle Ages: Catholicism. Viollett-Le-Duc was the architect who was in charge of reconstructing the basilica.The events that occurred during the era further affected the artist and the politics of France during the time period.The power of the …show more content…
St Mary’s relics were actually found at the site by disappeared on the “pilgrim’s map” because rumors spread that they were fake. Protestants became refugees as France was having a religious war in 1562-1598. The relics remain discredited because they had torched the relics. “Incompetent Abbots were succeeded by the worse scourge of commendatory Abbots, political appointees who were free to siphon off Abbey incomes into their own pockets.” - Amelia Smith, France 2012.

During the third crusade, the nave was burned down in 1165. However, it was later built with tougher materials. Pope Innocent II in 1132, inaugurated a narthex to help help fit all the pilgrims who came to see Mary’s relics. “The new church was dedicated on 21 April 1104, whereupon the citizenry revolted and killed the abbot because of the high taxes they had forced to pay for the church.” - Amelia Smith, France 2012. The princes in the Middle Ages of France wanted to gain power back from the monks. The social structure was crumbling and the population was struggling to find a way out.

Some of the features of the church include a Romanesque nave and a gothic choir. THese two parts of the church when combined, form what’s called a narthex. It is almost 4,000 square feet. The tympanums are famous sculptures which are right above the basilica’s door’s entrance. The capitals are decorated pillar tops which are also located in the interior of the

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