Research on Robotics in Japan: Achievements, Prospects and Applications

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Nowadays, technology is a dominant feature in the lives of people around the world. Most of daily life activities involve the use of technology which is expanding every day through scientific innovations. However, such innovations do not always occur in every part of the world, but mostly in technologically developed countries, such as South Korea, the USA and Japan. Presently, the development of robotics science has become a subject of considerable attention in those countries. According to Weng, Chen and Sun (2009, 267), “Technocrats from many developed countries, especially Japan and South Korea, are preparing for the human–robot co-existence society that they believe will emerge by 2030.” The word “robot” was introduced in the …show more content…
As mentioned above, a robot is an autonomous or semiautonomous device that is created to perform tasks either according to direct human operation, partial operation and with supervision or independently of human intervention. The history of robotics in Japan dates back to the 17th century. Matthews (2003/2004, 4) reminds us that the first Japanese robot, which has been adapted as a tea-carrying automation, was created in 17th century. “A cup of tea could be placed upon the doll and once wound up it would move forward until the cup was lifted. When the cup was replaced, the doll would turn around and return to its starting point” (Matthews 2003/2004, 4). Thus, the 17th century was notable as the first time in the history of Japan when the robotics technology invaded the life of Japanese society. Although, Matthews claims that such innovations did not go further because the Japanese “quest for knowledge seemed driven by the arts” but not by the scientific advancement that was quite common on the West. However, it appears to be that technological advancements emerged in Japan approximately in the mid-20th century since Matthews (2003/2004, 4-5) states that followed by Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters, American government directed its occupational forces commanded by General Douglas MacArthur to Japan to restore order that was mainly targeted to the development of technology in order to

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