Religion and War Essay

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Soldiers come home feeling displaced in the world and sometimes see their life not worth living. In World War II , lifestyles and ideas changed; it tested multiple theories of what was true or not.Some encounter PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder dealing with the pain of knowing what they have seen or experienced during their time away. Life is never the same for these soldiers. There is also the thought of not being able to control what happens in time. Whether it is wanting to change the past, present, or future, some people feel helpless. Others may feel determined to try while the rest feel that they are not responsible for any of their own or other people's actions. People continue believing that there is no point of changing the …show more content…
In the beginning of the story, Vonnegut puts himself in the first chapter and explain his process of making this book. It takes him twenty- three years to make the book mostly because he did not have any scenes that he wanted to recall from Dresden. The bombing traumatize Vonnegut, and in the story, the war traumatize his main character Billy Pilgrim, as well. The book focuses on how Pilgrim tries to deal with the war, but this does resemble how Vonnegut is using Pilgrim's story to "uncover and deal with his trauma (Chabot 206)." He originally thinks that the story will be easy to write or talk about, but Vonnegut realizes that it is difficult to bring up the topic of what happened in Dresden and make it into a book. After finishing Slaughterhouse-Five, he still dislikes the book ,calls it "jumbled and jangled," and says there is nothing good to say about war (Chabot 206). One of his interviews shows how difficult it was to write the book when Vonnegut says, " I came home in 1945, started writing about it, and wrote about it, and wrote about it, and WROTE ABOUT IT" (Vees 1). Vonnegut is unsure of how to possible write this book and how to find the best way to describe war. In reality, there is no best way to describe wars. It is to believe that Vonnegut had to envision some of the imagination of the Tralfamadorians and their theories to come to terms with the war since in the story, it helps Pilgrim to

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