Publius and Thomas Paine´s Ideas on Government Essay

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If government was not a necessary evil then how would a government grow? One may believe that in order for government to achieve greater knowledge and prosperity in their own government they must ensure that these necessary evils coexist with government. Contrary to that belief one may say that necessary evil must be done away with, to pursue a complete and perfect government. Although a perfect government is lead to believe as not possible some people think differently, but one who disagrees with the previous statement may agree with Thomas Paine who believes government is an overall evil. Compared to Publius who thinks government is one part evil one part necessary. All of these evils are a part of human nature and government as well. …show more content…
He thinks that we as people should learn to control the necessary evils that our government possesses. Thomas Paine strongly believes that society and government are not the same; he gives the example of a patron and a punisher. The patron is society and that it supports you, the punisher is government and that is enforces things upon you (Common Sense). Paine also states that “Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil in its worst state an intolerable one” (Common Sense). He believes we have created government therefore we have created our own suffrage. Government to Paine is unnecessary in order to live, he thinks we are able to govern ourselves and protect ourselves without the security of government. Paine does not agree in the fact that we have given up our rights to give to a higher power in order to live a protected life, as Locke would have believed that is necessary to enter into a civil society. Paine believes in doing things for your own good unlike Locke who believes that we should do things for the public good. Paine looks at security as the true design and end in government when in reality it is the reason for government (Common Sense). Human nature for Paine is being without government but living in a society, what Paine does not take into account that in order for a society to obtain normalcy without

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