Public Health Problems: Ebola Virus Essay

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Public Health Problem Ebola Virus comes from the known strain family virus called filo viruses, which are zoonotic pathogens. Symptoms include fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, throat pains, and muscle pains. These symptoms can start as early as 2 days to as late as 3 weeks after contracting the virus. This public health problem dates back to the 1970’s where the first three known outbreaks occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan (Li, Chen 2014). The Ebola virus is introduced into a population when there is close contact with the blood, secretions, or bodily fluids of animals that are infected. The virus started in Africa by humans coming into close contact with infected chimps, gorillas, bats, monkeys, …show more content…
Sixth, Ebola outbreaks occur mainly in remote villages such as Central and West Africa. This outbreak in remote villages is a concern because people are often unavailable to receive the necessary help to prevent the disease from spreading. These individuals tend to have less knowledge about diseases than others. The etiological risk factors associated with Ebola virus are environmental conditions and infected animals. An individual can become infected in many ways. First, an individual can become infected through direct contact with an individual’s bodily fluids. Second, an uncommon way of transmission is at a burial ceremony where individuals can become infected by coming into contact with the infected deceased individual. Third, humans can become infected by coming into contact with infected animals, dead or alive; this is seen in countries where people hunt for survival. Fourth, healthcare workers and patients are susceptible for the disease where a patient has previously been placed. These four methods of transmission cause humans to develop the Ebola virus disease.
How to solve the Public Health Problem Ebola virus is a problem that can be limited in societies by improvements of lifestyle and immunity, which can in turn prevent people from getting the Ebola virus. The six ways that we can improve our health and prevent getting Ebola virus, are by avoiding traveling to areas of known outbreaks,

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