Proyect Management: Why is Organization Strategy so Important?

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People have been worked on projects and searched the way to manage them for long time. Project management has become a major new forms of management to settle the complex things of the organized teamwork to match the rapidly change of business environment, and it offers leaders with effective method to make a plan or organization for completing objectives. (Jurison, 1999, p.3) Perfect management could lead to projects success. Shenhar. (1997) claim that project success could be bound by the triple constraints of Project Management which refers to schedule, budget and performance goals. (p.5)The three criteria are main and traditional triple constraints. Besides that, there are more factors which could affect project success. …show more content…
They are not supposed to continue indefinitely. Thus the first constraint that governs project management involves the basic requirement: the project should come in on or before its established schedule. (p.35)
Time is a primary constraint of projects success and could affect other project’s constraints. To measure project success, the key is whether the project could be completed in the given time. According to Stephen (1957), each of the projects should have a fixed window during all the process, which could make sure projects to be completed successfully. Furthermore, the project’s schedule should be determined by amount of available time and all the projects should be finished before schedule or on time. (p.8)Time could be the constraint of project success, because it also affects the other constraints of project. Stephen (1957) study analyses when time is increased, resources could be allocated to other projects ,while cost could be paid to increase work activities but task may be delayed. However, when time is decreased, more resources would be added in the work timeline which would need more budgets, so the specification of the project could also be change. (p.10) The above study shows us that the changes of time control the other constraints. Besides time, cost is the second key constraint of project success, which also plays an important role in the triple constraints. Jurison(1999) state that “Cost means the expenditures

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