Essay on Pro Funding For the Arts

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What is art? Art can be defined in many different ways because there are many perspectives on what art is. It can be defined as a strict vocabulary term or defined based on the personal opinion of different individuals. Art is displayed and expressed in different forms of traditions, rituals, and entertainment. Given the variety of ways to display art, it would be most reasonable to provide a source of funding in order to continue these showcases. Without the money to support this cause, people will not be able to show their creativity and use their artistic ability to its fullest potential and receive the help to develop the skills that are necessary to get through everyday life. The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations …show more content…
This agency will be able to help those who wish to be in a meaningful career and those who wish to make a living from participating in the arts. Since Karen Finley’s performance, the National Endowment of the Arts has been giving out grants to people who are determined to become successful with their artistic abilities. This was done so that there may still be an appropriate amount of the arts would be funded, while balancing out the funding for other areas. For majority of the individuals who participate in the arts, the foundation that will be the starting point of learning and developing their artistic ability is in the educational system. In most, if not all, schools are receiving funding for their art programs and classes for students to be enrolled in. Most of the funding for art programs goes to the elementary schools and secondary educational; this is where students learn how to analyze and interpret visual information. Not only will this be important in the usual art classes the students are enrolled in, these are skills that must be learned so that they can be actively used in their everyday lives. For example, while in the work force, people must be able to analyze a situation and be able to efficiently complete the task that is assigned to them by their employer. Although analyzing and visual interpretation are important, these are not the only skills that

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