Privacy of Personal Information on the Internet Essay

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Privacy of Personal Information on the Internet

United States Policy

Living in the United States has its advantages. We are afforded many opportunities that are unavailable or unheard of in other countries. We maintain a limited right to privacy in the areas of education, marriage, procreation, contraception etc. In certain instances, government officials are allowed to watch, listen, search and/or seize a person's personal information. Warrants are usually needed in order to gain this type of information. The Bill of Rights states the provisions to our right of privacy. The Fourth Amendment is the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not
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With the new act, individual's rights of access and correction to their personal information are strengthened. The negative aspect of the new act is that it weakens the commission's control over large government information systems by creating a new data system category, known as "sovereignty file" over which the CNIL would loose key powers. With the sovereignty files, the CNIL would no longer need to approve processing systems as they did with the old act.

Identification requirements on Internet

The French Liberty of Communication Act requires anyone who wants to post content on the Internet to identify themselves, either to the public, by their name and address on their website (in case of a business) or their host provider (in case of a private individual). Early on in the measure, there was a preparatory measure that stipulated that if the new act was violated, by ignoring the rule or falsifying information, large penalties and jail sentences would be applied. This provision was later dropped.

French law requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to keep logs of all data that could be used to identify a content provider in the case of later legal proceedings. ISPs are subject to the "professional secret" rule regarding the data. The professional secret means that

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