Defamation On Social Media Should Be Sued

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Defamation on Social Media Should Be Sued

Defamation is an action of creating or spreading the wrong statement about someone. The defamatory statement is not in the form of opinion but in the form of fact. In order to claim a statement is defamation, the statement must be communicated to public. “Can You Be” (n.d.) explained that defamation is classified as either slander which is the spoken defamatory statement or libel which is the act of making written defamation. Defamation on social media should be sued because it spreads negativity to the society, trespasses someone’s privacy and destroys the future of someone.

The first reason why legal action should be taken for defamation on social media is because it spreads negativity to the
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The act of revealing someone’s information is prohibited whether online or not. In “Prohibition On The” (n.d.) explained that it can be said as violations of the law when people purposely revealed information that related to the name, address, or phone number of someone. Sometimes, the revealing of someone’s information in wrong way can lead to defamation. Furthermore, it is illegal for someone to post shaming photos about another on social media without their consent. “Can You Be” (n.d.) stated that a person has a right to protect his or her privacy when it comes to the embarrassing photos that are posted in Facebook. For example, someone posted naked photos of his or her enemy in Facebook with the malicious intention. Besides that, defamation is violating someone’s privacy that can expose individual to danger. The revealing of personal information such as home and workplace address of someone in social media might get that individual to become victim of the crime. In “Prohibition On The” (n.d.) stated that the limitation of private data on social media may also regulate the probability of encountering stalkers in the same manner and for the people that requires protection, less information is the best. Hence, legal action should be taken for defamation on social media because it can be considered as disturbing someone’s …show more content…
Defamation on social media will not only destroy the victim’s future but also destroy the wrongdoer’s future because the Punitive damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer. In “How to Calculate” (n.d.) said that to punish the wrongdoer for terrible conduct and to stop same conduct in future dealings, punitive damages are introduced. Then, a few states that allow punitive damages need additional elements such as common law malice or constitutional actual malice as a proof (Hermes, 2012). Thus, defamatory statements on social media are not something that can be taken lightly because it can destroy someone’s future.

In conclusion, legal procedures on defamation on social media should be taken because it can spread bad vibes to the society, disturb someone’s privacy and affect the future of someone. Lastly, to overcome this issue, the society needs to take precaution steps from doing defamatory statement by thinking carefully before posting an opinion on social media. The society also needs to avoid from accusing someone in committing immoral action that she or he has never

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