Privacy And The Internet Essays

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Privacy and the Internet

The natural progression of the Internet and emerging technologies is towards streamlining our lives both personally and professionally. Instantaneous communications and available on-line services continue to reduce the physical distance between individuals. Almost anything is now available in cyberspace from shopping, schooling and education, on-line trading, banking, to social and political on-line communities. On-line service providers are shifting from a product centric approach to a more personal and customized approach to marketing their products and services. The idea of one-to-one marketing is very powerful and has become an important tool for competing in the interactive age. One-to-one marketing
…show more content… does track and record your site activity for the purposes of improving your user experience. I have used the site often, so it now feels comfortable and familiar. The site knows who I am, what I previously ordered, reminds me of items that were in my checkout basket but were never purchased, recommends other items of interest based on my previous purchases. The shopping experience is personalized; I can order what I want with one click it is quick and convenient. Amazon delivers what is promised, and I consider the site a valuable shopping resource.

On February 12, 2002 a Los Angeles Times article Comcast Tracks Users Web Browsing reported that Comcast Corporation, the nations third largest cable company, had begun tracking the web browsing activities of their one million subscribers without notifying them. This article is one of many that focus on our increasing concerns for privacy as the Internet and electronic communications continue to develop. Comcast were collecting data about their subscribers for the purposes of improving technology and services for their customers. The intention was not to infringe on their customers privacy. The article points out that gathering massive amounts of data on each subscriber may invite many requests to share the information. This type of data could be subpoenaed by law enforcement agencies or lawyers in civil cases. In fact the police and FBI are now more than ever turning to

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