Essay on Playing Hard to Get

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Playing Hard to Get

The idea of "playing hard to get", which I interpret as a style of flirting meant to increase the significance of the individual by increasing the effort in the "chase", has been only presented in a few studies. One study which was quite interesting and provided many new insights on this subject was conducted by Walster, Walster, Piliavin and Schmidt (1973), in their study they conducted five experiments, all of which failed! They had the same hypothesis as I proposed, that a woman who is hard to get to go out on a date would be more valued by a man, rather than a woman who is easy to get. This was not true due to the fact that men simply get frustrated with these types of
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Peter Ditto, an associate professor of psychology, says playing hard-to-get is like advertising.

"Advertisers use the same technique all the time," he says. "They'll say something like 'one time only' because they want people to think that if a product is harder to get, it must be a more rare commodity."

The best way for people to advertise themselves is to never make themselves too available, says Carrie Hoffman, a senior early childhood education major and McCauley's off-and-on girlfriend of two years.

"I would never just go up to somebody and say, 'I want your phone number,'" she said. "I don't care if he is Mr. G.Q. man I just wouldn't do it."

She says her mother always told her not to chase.

"I can still hear her voice ringing in my head, saying 'If he wants to talk to you, he'll call you,'" Hoffman adds.

If she actually does call a guy (usually McCauley), she waits as long as she can to do it. She doesn't want to seem like an "eager beaver."

McCauley uses the "keeping busy technique" to play the game.

When he knows that Hoffman might be calling or that he should be calling her, he often goes out with his friends or works on his cars.

"Being busy is the best way to play the game," he

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