Representations Of African American Media

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Representations of African Americans in Media: in the past and now
Individuals have been labeling things since the stone ages to entertain or occupy themselves in their free time. The consequences of these classifications are the current cultural stereotypes that highlight the variances between people of unlike nationalities. Based on recent movies and television shows one would believe that the United States is not diverse at all looking from outside American culture into American culture. Media illustrations, each race in certain circumstances blacks shown only when needing an oversexed woman or thuggish man. Media makes sure that blacks are represented in this way allows the others to lower their expectations of African American overshadowing
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Grandy also noticed that caucasin Americans received more government assistance then African Americans such as health care and housing. Many interactions that young African Americans have with older white Americans are quick and short lived. Older white americans who grew up in the early 20th century a environment that showed blacks in a negative light, constantly so you would expect for this generation to think much differently. The main pictures whites view of blacks are including blackfaced mammies, southern woman who work for white families and raise their children or blackfaced minstrels, young men who are always playing and never own up to responsiblities. There are also other common stereotypes in the media today including thuggish, underclass black men and angry black woman who is only worried about staying on welfare. Even though, both of these examples seem to be aged to some readers, they are very much still relevant among the other negative characteristics were television shows such as Power and Love and Hip …show more content…
By the media showing these sorts of positive images it would change the whoel morale of the Untied States as a whole. Blacks will stop feeling like everyone is against them and whites will understand that skin tone does not make them so different from each other. For example, there is only one show that is described as a white family which black family problems called Shameless the father is a drunk, the mother left her five kids to defend for themselves, the oldest daughter which is 21 currently raise the other four kids that pretty much do what ever they feel, this is the main representation of black families we receive from Power to Boyz in the Hood, and the list goes on for

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