African American Negative Images

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The media today is cluttered with negative images of African American males. I believe that something needed to be done about it. The media has such a huge impact on today’s society. Things that you see and hear in the media are affecting good people in a very bad and harmful way. I believe that the media doesn’t see the harmful stigmas that it is placing on a whole group of people and the consequences that it has for them. This is very disheartening because it is keeping racial stereotypes and many forms racism alive today in an age where these things should be done away completely. The media is a huge detriment for our progress as a nation and as individuals and will continue to be unless something is done.
Media come in all forms it can
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If the viewers constantly see negative images of African American then some of them will believe that these things are true, which can cause a lot of negative stigmas being put on African American males as a whole. Young African American themselves who watch the media might see these videos or images and see them as they correct way to do things. This is what we call the Labeling theory or self-fulfilling prophecy. If someone is constantly label or told that they are bad then they will eventually be influenced by the terms that they are being labeled …show more content…
It can be changed, the damage that the media has been done is not final and we should strive to fix the image of African American males. How do we fix the negative image that African American have in the media? The first thing that can be done is not falling into the stereotypes that are portrayed in the media. African American males should live their own lives they don’t need to let the media influence them in anyway. Another way to fix the negative image is to stay positive and strive to be the best that you can be. Don’t let these negative stigmas hold you back from what you want to do. If you believe it then you can achieve it. Another thing that can be done is getting the media to put more positive images and stories of successful African American males. Also have positive African American Male role model. This will be a huge help in so many of different ways. People views on African American males will tend to change over time and it will bring out he best in people. I honest believe if you are very positive in everything you do then great things will come. The last thing that can help change the media negative image of African American Male, is to keep kids and young adults away from the negative things in the media. I think that young adult and kids aren’t able to yet understand that the media can be very bias and that it can have a negative influence on them, so they watch the negative

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