Influence Of Beauty In The Media

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There is a lot of social and cultural influence with today’s youth. Male or female; as they are being raised the influenced physical appearances of either sex is highly scrutinized and judged upon across the board. More so for women but regardless there is a significant amount of judgement on how someone should or should not look in order to be accepted in this day and age. Just on everyday media you can tell the ideal standard of beauty is plastered everywhere. On every billboard, on every commercial, every webpage, from every model and actor/actress. Beauty is everywhere and judged immensely and if not achieved it is advertised through products to improve it. Even for people that are considered beautiful sometimes it will never be enough and they can potentially achieve a higher beauty level which on its own is absurd. People aren’t raised anymore to be happy with …show more content…
The western Caucasian female is the most likely to acquire an eating disorder to get this perfect slender body that they see in media so often. Now on nearly the opposite side of the spectrum you will see the African American female that a majority of the time have little to no presence on any sort of eating disorder and not effected much at all upon media. With their families staying true to their culture and changing their bodies and how they present themselves physically will be going against the genes that makes them who they are. These African American families have more culture and pride in their bodies and want to keep it that way because if they change what they have they won’t have anything else. And that cannot be said for the Caucasian Americans. They will change everything about them until they aren’t even the same person anymore to fit an idealistic person. Their hair color, there face shape, their bodies, and even their eating habits. They will do whatever it

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