Personal Power and Negotiations Essay

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Negotiations as we are learning, are a part of daily life and the ability to negotiate effectively, regardless of the subject matter, is an imperative aspect of personal and professional success. Delving more deeply into the topic of negotiation it is recognized that all parties involved in said negotiations are going to bring to the table a certain type of personal power and adjusting negotiations as a reflection of such is equally as important to the negotiation process as the negotiation style(s) we choose to utilize. The purpose of this paper will be to apply different types of personal powers that were necessary at various phases of a negotiation that took place in my own life last year with another student and teacher in a Philosophy …show more content…
The status power that I maintained throughout the scenario about to be provided was my role as a student, paying for my education, and the option to remove myself from the University. The second personal power of which I maintained throughout the scenario is that of resource power. Resource power is personal power gained as a result of money, people, or controlled information. In this case, I controlled a great deal of information regarding another student and teacher that was harmful to both that could be used to protect myself in a worst case scenario (if negotiations failed). Finally, force power is scholastically defined as “the extent to which your personal power comes from the assertive and aggressive behavior you display in your influencing style” (Gautrey, 2008-2013). I exhibited force power as a personal power as a result of my having taking action against both the student and teacher involved in the scenario. The scenario that is being used for the purpose of this assignment is an issue of open harassment in a public discussion forum setting between myself and another student that also included the refusal of the instructor to intervene. In 2013 I was taking a Philosophy course where many of the online discussion forums were opinion discussions. Almost immediately I started receiving negative and abrasive feedback in the public forums from another student. In the respect

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