Personal Narrative: Saving My Daughter from Drug Addiction Essay

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There is nothing that hurts more than watching your child destroys their health and well-being through alcohol or drug addiction. You do not know what to do, nothing you have tried has done any good, and it is tearing you up inside watching the deterioration. You can get sucked into the madness and feel like you are drowning in a sea of turbid water.
Thankfully, you can make a difference, you can influence change, and you can find joy and happiness by changing your priorities by getting the focus off them and onto you.
There is nothing about addiction that is easy or clear, and although every family's experience is unique, I know some of what you are going through at this time. The thing that makes addiction so difficult is that the
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When we are physically, emotionally, spirituality, and financially drained that is when we need to make a choice and step out of the darkness and into the light, and choose happiness and joy in your life.
Choosing our own recovery from the sick codependent why of loving our addict ensures happiness and empowers you and opens you to the entire God like unconditional love that God wants for us. It allows you to live in freedom, happiness, and joy despite our circumstances. Creating our own happiness in life puts you in control of how we reaction to life. Let's face it, why would not you want happiness?
There will be information and tips in this book to which you will inevitably gravitate. There will be some that are extremely helpful and others that will hit you hard. For life to change for our addict and ourselves and before we can move forward, we need to change our thinking, open our hearts, and make the choice and take action. You will discover that choosing to let go and let God is a day at a time and a continual process.
Every day, people have the ability to change. Every day, you have the power within you to make those changes that are essential to our well-being. We do this by reconnecting with your Inner Being, your Creator, and your God, which allows us to create, inspire, and recognize those things we can change.
Every day, you have within you the power to change and the ability to experience the joy. “God” as a word has different

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