Personal Narrative: Don’t Play With Your Food! Essay

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It was a warm summer day; about two weeks after my senior year had begun. My friends and I were having a typical Sunday, lounging around, tired from the night before, and trying to find fun ways to pass the time.
We started by playing some Xbox, and while shooting each other and other people was fun, it soon grew tiresome and we were again, back to where we started. About twenty minutes after another sleepy silence, we went outside to the beautiful weather and played some football. Although it was nice to be outside enjoying the weather, not one of us had the energy to run around for any longer than ten minutes.
Frustrated with the way the day was going, we decided to go inside, get some refreshments, and brainstorm to try to find
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After our scrumptious supper, we went inside to watch some TV. After about ten minutes someone looked out the back door and noticed the varsity volleyball team in the backyard behind us having their team dinner. Not thinking anything of it, we returned to the TV and didn’t pay any attention to the girls.
As we sat back down, Christian’s dad, Chris, had an awesome idea. He walked into the room with a boyish grin on his face and said, “ You know what you guys should do don’t you?” Puzzled, we said no Chris, what should we do? Now smiling even bigger and trying to restrain his own laughter, he said, “Go water balloon em’.” Excited and wondering how we did not think of this ourselves, we began the preparations.
I filled up the water balloons while my friends cooked up the plan of attack. Our biggest problems were that 1, they could see us come out of the backdoor if they were looking our way, and 2 they were all separated in the big backyard and would be difficult to hit.
After about ten minutes of spying and waiting, we decided to go after them because we were worried that the party would soon be over. As we crept against the edge of the fence, we peeked over and no longer saw the girls, only the parents. Confused, we looked through the cracks and saw them taking a team picture on the other side of the fence not a foot away from us! After a count of three, we unloaded our fifteen or so water balloons on them and then heard the symphony

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