Personal Experience and The Heroic Influences of the Submarine Community

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“Congratulations! On behalf of ADM RRR, welcome to the Submarine Community!” With a handshake and a great deal of relief, I ended the most stressful and undoubtedly memorable day of my life: the nuclear community interview. 31 October 2013 was more than just another Halloween. For me, this day began a series of events that, while not yet fully realized, will unalterably change the trajectory of my life.
That fall day in October was now over six months ago. The induced stress of the interview has long since passed. The rush of Firstie Year at the United States Naval Academy quickly filled its place.
As a post-service selection Firstie at the Naval Academy, countless events are devoted to celebrating assigned services and discussing
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Stark reminders of the bravery and sacrifice of Academy graduates in both peace and war adorn the Yard’s many paths and scenic grounds. Annapolis has been a temporary home for both my classmates and I for the past four years. When I raised my right hand on Induction Day, I did not fully appreciate the fundamental shift that my life was about to take, similar to that which took place after completing my nuclear power interview this past October. I cannot imagine I was alone that July in my lack of understanding and appreciation for what I was about to pursue. As an Academy class, we have had the privilege of carrying on the tradition of duty, honor and Country instilled at the United States Naval Academy. . Our job, as brief residents of this historic institution, is to ensure the memory of those who passed before us, so that those who come long after our departure will never forget their story and sacrifice. In no small part does the Naval Academy strive to forge this reminder upon each midshipman that passes through the Yard’s tree-lined walks and buildings every year. The names of decorated Navy and Marine Corps officers that, like my classmates and I, once called Annapolis their home, have surrounded and

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