Essay about Parents Vs. Child Vaccination

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Vaccinations: a life saver or a harm to children? This is a major controversial topic that needs to be looked at. A majority of the population receive their vaccinations, but it is the 8.2% that refused and the 5.8% that delayed and refused, that need to be educated more about vaccines saving millions of lives (Smith et al.). There are many pros and cons to vaccinations that are equally significant. By looking at the outcome, vaccines are very important and cannot be dismissed without a valid reason.
If you were asked a simple question such as: what were some major outbreaks and epidemics that took place in the past that were cured by vaccines? What would you say? One thing for sure, that everyone has heard about
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This is known as the self-determination theory. Children under eighteen have no say to make their own choices in life (“About the Theory”). For example, a child has not received any vaccinations all throughout life. They have had a pretty rough growing stage due to poor health. The child's immune system is poor and its body has a hard time fighting back illnesses. Once the child reaches eighteen, it realize that the vaccinations could have prevented all these illnesses. What can he/she do now? The child had no say in the decisions made, so now it has to live with it. These choices have to be made wisely, and to the best decision possible for the child's health. The child can live a strong and healthy life and will not have to worry about getting sick again.
There is a minority of the population that disagrees with vaccinations. One major counter argument that cannot be messed with is religion. Some of these religions do not believe in any medical care or assistance. The first amendment states the freedom of religion and the free exercises, these practices cannot be taken away. There are forty-eight states that permit exemption, the two that do not are Mississippi and West Virginia (“Vaccines”).
There are other counter arguments that aren’t all that truthful. Arguments such as “vaccines cause Autism”. When doing the research for this paper, I found an abundance of

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