Paranoid Parenting: Obsessive Control over Children Essay

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The behavior of a child grows in a patterned manner just as the body. Like the physical growth, behavior too is strongly influenced by the home and other surroundings in which the child grows up. While we all have a lifetime to develop varying aspects of ourselves, it is the childhood period that is the most important in acquiring many tools. The strongest and the longest environment to affect the child are the parents. Most parents consider it their responsibility as well as the privilege to provide the best possible environment favorable to child's physical growth. However, often they tend to forget about the behavioral aspect in a child's development. The more a parent knows about the changes that take place in a child's behavior when …show more content…
However, it would be good to encourage the child to find his own answers. One can certainly be involved in the discussion of solutions that the child considers, but they must feel that they are able to apply personal power in the given circumstances. It is also important to highlight the decisions they take by reviewing with them, both the positive and negative consequences of the action that he or she has taken or proposes to take. (Dobson,2004)

Causes of overprotection

There may be various causes of a parent to be overprotective to their children. But, these are the reasons that seem to be the most prominent. Firstly, most parents just want to meet their needs to be a perfect parent and give their children the best out of everything. Secondly, some of the parents live with a fear that they wont be a good parent to their child. And, they end up trying too hard and just over do it. Lastly, there are parents who try to make up of their deprived childhood. It could also come up from some unresolved issues in their past, such as rejection from parents or peers. Mr. Ganwani, a well-established businessman in Dubai says, "I would like to give my children everything that I could only dream of in my childhood. After all, why am I earning for?"(Personal communication). To shield their children from the pain they

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