Palliative Care Concepts Should be Integrated into the Nursing Curriculum

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Nurse educators lay the groundwork when preparing to teach nursing classes. When considering curriculum development there are several things to keep in mind such as making the nursing classes as useful and interesting as possible, and also want ensuring that the information is inclusive of current standards of care, that is comprehendible for the learner. According to Billings and Halstead (2009) the design of curricula is to provide a sequence of learning experiences that enables the student learner to achieve educational outcomes and desires. Critical choices are made along with creative approaches necessary to enhance student's cognitive abilities and receptivity. A fundamental question for faculty is to ask what will the …show more content…
This is regardless of whether a death occurs in acute care, hospice, residential aged care or community settings. The number of nurses that specialize in palliative care or who are certified is increasing however, it is essential that nursing education prepares graduates to achieve the core capabilities required for the delivery of best evidenced based palliative care. This reality makes the integration of palliative care content into the undergraduate nursing curricula an important priority.
Goals/Learner Outcomes Adopting an interactive approach where palliative care content is spread across multiple units will provide opportunities for undergraduate nursing students to successively build and strengthen their palliative care capabilities. The student learner will exceed the basic or simple understanding of the stages of grief model of Kubler-Ross on death and dying. The learner will appreciate and understand the unique diverseness of each patient or client.
Learning Objectives
Learning objectives of the curriculum proposal are to ensure that the student learner receives adequate, appropriate and specific training in providing care for patients or clients, and family members who are facing end-of-life or life threatening illnesses. Faculty members are responsible for maintaining current and effective curriculum or program of study for student learners. In

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