Essay about Origins of the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Race

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The cold war was a tense period of time for both the United States and the Soviet Union. The origin of this tension was the relationship between the two opposing political and economic systems. The leader who was most responsible for this situation was the dictator of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin. During the period following World War II, the relations between the communist Soviet Union and the Capitalist United States were driven by a complex combination of ideological, economic, and political factors that lead to a bitter rivalry over who was the world’s super power with the ideal political system, communism vs capitalism. The differences between the Soviet Union’s communist government and the United States’ Capitalist political …show more content…
The United States and Soviet Union each embody two opposing political systems, Capitalism and Communism. This idealogical crisis was one of the main factors leading to the Cold War. Capitalism is a type of system where free enterprise is encouraged by the government, whose officials are elected by the people. On the contrary, the system of the Soviet Union, communism, the economy is entirely regulated by the government and the government is not elected by the people. In a communist society, citizens to not enjoy the rights to assembly, freedom of speech or religion. The differences between these two types of government/economy caused an enormous fear of communism in the US that lead to the Nuclear Arms Race. Before WWII and the Russian Revolution of 1917, tensions began between the Soviet Union, Western European countries, and the United States. However, there was a series of actions during WWII that made tensions expand ten-fold. These events included the Soviet-German pact during the first two years of the war, the delay of a naval attack of German-Occupied Europe, the western allies’ support of the Atlantic Charter,

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