Fears During The Cold War

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As one major war had come to a close, another stepped forward to end the peace that seemed to be looming upon the horizon. This war was known as the Cold War and during its prime of the time 1948 to 1961 many fears arose within the society of America. In return to combat these fears, the administration of at that time President Dwight D. Eisenhower fought back with their own solutions. Three of the biggest fears that had risen from this time, were the spread of communism reaching America, the threat of a nuclear invasion upon the states, and economic instability within the government that would inevitably put the USA once again on the brinks of an economic disaster. With that said the government was forced to act and began their own form of …show more content…
During this time the US and the Soviet Union were in what is called a nuclear arms race, which lead to the creation of more and more bombs, just to intimidate the other side to see who was more powerful. With the Soviet Union 's creation of the A Bomb in 1949, as well as the H bomb of 1950, the people of the United states began to panic. According to a chart from the U.S News and World Report of 1957 titled Must U.S. Take The First Blow? It presents the facts, that if this continues in tomorrow 's age, the Soviet Union will find little to no difficulty in the bombing of the U.S. It also goes on to say, that warning systems will give no time to alert before a blow falls, as well as that with a push of a button the U.S. could become a nuclear wasteland.(Doc E) With these ideas spreading the idea of doomsday prepping began to take hold. U.S. peoples began gathering supplies to last them through an invasion, as well as some even going to the extent of creating bomb shelters, so they and their family would survive. (Doc C). The response given by the Eisenhower Administration, was the creation of federal programs to build these bomb shelters in public places for those in different communities in their schools and government buildings. They also created bomb Duck and Cover Programs for schools to prepare students for an incoming bombing, and on June 29 Eisenhower signed what was known as Public Law 627, which was titled The National System of Interstate and defense Highways that would provide an easy and efficient way of getting troops supplies, and making an easy escape possible for those living in cities of possible nuclear attack.(Doc

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