Organisational Behaviour Essay

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Organisational Behaviour

What is Organisational Behaviour?

Organisational behaviour is “One of the most complex and perhaps least understood academic elements of modern general management, but since it concerns the behaviour of people within organisations it is also one of the most central… its concern with individual and group patterns of behaviour makes it an essential element in dealing with the complex behavioural issues thrown up in the modern business world.” (Financial Times Mastering Management Series 2)

Organisational behaviour is the study of employees within an organisation and how they behave. This is so the company is able to see if the workers/employees are working at the
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In general, personal motivation for work is economic as well as intrinsic in the sense of personal satisfaction and also in the aspect of developing social relationships with colleagues.

There are two styles of theories; Content Theories which has its emphasis on what motivates individuals and Process Theories which emphasise the actual process of motivation.

There is no firm definition or theory that is the absolute benchmark for the nature of motivation. All the major theories have merit and are all usable tools to a manager looking to get the best from his staff but differing industries and companies at different sizes will be able to select a theory to match their situations. No one theory of motivation can completely explain all aspects of human behaviour. “The manager, therefore, must judge the relevance of these different theories (of motivation), How best to draw upon them and how they might effectively be applied in particular work situations. The manager should be aware of at least the main theories of motivation.” (Mullins pg 414)

The principle concept theories in motivation are:

Maslow – Hierarchy of needs

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