Occupy Wall Street America Essay

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Occupy Wall Street America

Occupy Wall Street was initiated by the Canadians, a Canadian group called Adbusters, and another small member group forming in New York of the United States. The New York group began in a building near Wall Street by a small group of people. Some of these people were from the local area and from Egypt, Spain, and Japan. Some of them had been at the demonstrations in other countries.

The members in New York gave themselves the name, New York City General Assembly (NYCGA). Some of the members brought back ideas which helped form the NYCGA. The members of the NYCGA state that they were guided by a Spanish written guided document, translated in English, titled How to Cook Up a Pacific Revolution. One of the
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The creation for this movement was taken out of context in relation to the struggles other countries are in the midst of.

The New York City General Assembly didn’t seem to have a plan for a long-term protest. So now we have a leaderless movement going astray with protestors complaining about local, state, and governmental laws and a wide-spread increase of poverty. The protestors are intent on voicing their concerns to attempt to fix problems in each of their own backyards, while the internationalists are intent on voicing their concerns for the same reason-but, abroad. The internationalists also want a world-wide resolution, and it seems they are willing to spend money to travel from country to country to do their part in the uprisings, voicing opinions of how the people in their countries suffer as well as in America. Interestingly, the complaints of the protestors have evolved from neighborhoods to the world. The responsibility of problem solving the economy will have to revert back to the neighborhoods, and local, state, and national levels. This means everyone will have to go back home.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is really not a new idea. For thousands of years societies, even on the micro-level of families, have squabbled about the ‘have’s and the have not’s’. America’s government and laws cannot be changed with violence from its own people;

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