Obesity and How It Affects People Essays

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Obesity can affect people's health because it contributes to hypertension, diabetes, and depression which subsidies low self-esteem. Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. It increases your risk of diseases and health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Children are more likely to become obese whom they have parents in their homes suffering from obesity. According to Lankford (2007), research shows that children who are overweight or obese have a 90 percent chance of being overweight as an adult, and that's why experts say it's important to help children develop healthy habits as early as possible. Having obese parents also increases the risks that the child will be …show more content…
Once the pancreas can no longer keep up with producing high levels of insulin, blood glucose levels begin to rise, resulting in Type 2 diabetes, thus insulin resistance is a pre-diabetes condition. Landsberg's (2012) study of the two types and causes of diabetes that can affect the immune system. Type 1 diabetes is the condition where the immune system in the body has actually attacked the cells of the pancreas and destroyed them. This gives rise to an inability to produce insulin. In this case, one is dependent on taking insulin in order to survive. Type 2 diabetes is the condition where there is an inability to use correctly the insulin that is produced, and is called insulin resistance. This gives rise to increased levels of sugar in the blood, and increased levels of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is somewhat insidious in that there are no pronounced symptoms until the blood sugar reaches a high level. So without testing, it is almost impossible to know whether you are pre-diabetic, or whether your blood sugar is higher than the threshold. It is only when it has already progressed a long way that the symptoms start to show. Typically, the initial symptoms are a constant thirst, excessive urination, tiredness and some cases an inexplicable loss of weight. With time, the pancreas may deteriorate under the stress of having to produce a higher level of insulin than it is designed to do. This can eventually lead to the need to become

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