Oasis Bicycles Global Business Strategy Essay

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Oasis Bicycles is a Taiwan based company which designs and sells a variety of bicycles for road as well as mountains. Due to its presence in four continents, it is considered as a good example of a global company. It is considered as one of the largest bicycle manufacturing company with sales of around US $800 million. About 93 percent of which comes from outside Taiwan.

According to its CEO, “Because of the small market for bicycles in Taiwan, we don’t have any other choice– we have to be a global company. The biggest market for us so far has been Europe, which accounts for just half of our sales. We started manufacturing in the Netherlands because of the attractive market in Europe and we expect to sell more than 4 million bikes
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• Aim for new innovations and technologies.

Target Market:
The first element to a marketing strategy is a well defined target market. Company should try to attract the youth as they are ones who always look for new technologies and innovations. France is a developed country and the customers there always prefer quality as price is not a big problem for them. But at the same time, company should look after other age groups also as French people are known for their fitness. The 4P’s (product, promotion, place (distribution), price) are the four elements of a marketing mix strategy that determines the success of a product in the marketplace.

Oasis bicycle is a Taiwan based company which makes different kinds of bikes for different age groups. Company’s marketing strategy should be based on local market. Product should be how the local customer wants and according to their needs. There should not be any additional features which are useless for the respective market. But at the same time there should be something extra which makes the customer to go after the brand. There should not be any additional costly features included in the product. Design and logos should be very attractive as these are the things which attract customer’s attention instantly. Product should be available in various colours as different section of age groups like different colours. Developing new product is as important as manufacturing. Bicycles these

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