New Belgium Brewing Case Essay

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When I think of corporation culture I think of vision, beliefs, values having a united front and activities of member within the company that affect society and the environment. A company’s leadership provides the vision and support needed for ethical conduct, in order to be successful. As well as to maintain a good relationship with society companies needs plans and structure for addressing ethical concerns. (Ferrell et al, 2013 p.219)
Yes I do think that New Belgium Brewing has developed a corporate culture that helps lead to ethical decision making. New Belgium Brewing although a small business is based in Colorado and founded by Jeff Lebesch was motivated while on a biking trip through Belgium. The case states “the company places
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To date employees own 43 percent of stock, and granted a vote in company decisions. (p.359) Illustrating that NBB was a decentralized company delegating as far down the chain command. By using reward power, NBB did a great job making their staff happy and making the workplace fun to be in by all the perks they are offered.
New Belgium Brewing is also environmentally friendly, searching for ways to save energy. One way they did this was that the company has install smart grid to conserve energy. They have also installed photovoltaic array that count for 3 percent of electricity. Another way was through brew kettles conserve more energy than standard kettles, and sun tubes that distribute natural daytime lighting. (p.359) In addition the company has also relies on recycling and methods in designing fun ways to reuse material. One way they do this is with spent barley and hop grains that are provided for free to local farmers to feed pigs. Another interesting way was reusing keg caps making them into table surfaces. (p.360) When it comes to reduce, reuse and recycle New Belgium Brewing take it seriously. They have even created their own lifecycle assessment letting the company see how much energy has been reduced. (p.360)
NBB believe in giving back to the community and the people that it has donated $2.5 million in funds for philanthropic programs. Explaining that for every barrel of beer sold the prior year, NBB donates $1 to philanthropic causes within its

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