Mystery of Isodore: A Fictonal Narrative Essay

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I pushed past the curtain to Shield.

"Hero!" Shield smiled at me.

"Hi," I offered a small smile.

Shield paused and stared at me, tilting her head. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing that I haven't discussed before. But Shield, what am I supposed to do if I come back with no one?" I rubbed my hands together.

Shield let out a laugh and grabbed me by my hands. "Hero, you'll find him. I doubted that I would find my husband and yet, look at me now," She smiled.

I couldn't help but smile with her. "How did you two meet?"

Shield's smile grew. "We were from the same village. My father wanted me to marry soon because he was getting sicker with each passing day. He set up days for me to find suitable men. Of course, I was terrified. My husband,
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Her hand moved across slowly. "I only hope our child will be as wonderful as he," Her words began slurring together and her smile faded.

I leaned towards her and saw the tears falling from her face. "Oh, Shield," I whispered and placed my hand on her back.

Shield covered her face and began shaking with sobs.

Armor made his way across the room in two strides and wrapped his arm around Shield. He hugged her into him and held her tightly. "Shield, it's okay," He whispered. When his eyes shut, I noticed tears falling from his eyes as well.

As I watched the two, I began realizing what more of a situation this was. Isodore was more than just a person I didn't know. He was a part of Shield and Armor. Something more had happened. I became curious on Isodore; who he was, what he did, how he passed.

"Here, I'll send Allie up. Hero and I need to get going soon in order to make it back in time for the child being born," Armor slowly pulled away from Shield and offered a smile.

Shield caught her breath and wiped away the water from her eyes. Her smile was incredibly weak, but somehow, it worked. "Y-Yeah. I-I'll see you b-both soon."

As I stood, Shield grabbed my wrist and looked up at me. "Hero, please be careful. The dragons are a dangerous kind. Armor's good at controlling his, but others aren't. Don't let them trick you. Please," Her eyes pleaded

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