Food Pigments Lab Report

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Through pigments we observe the different colors at each step of our lives, because the pigments can be found in each organism in the world and plants are the main producers. Pigments can be easily found in fruits, vegetables and flowers. It can also be found in skin, eyes and in other complex body parts. Natural and synthetic pigments are used in food, furniture, cosmetics and other products. Natural pigment plays an important part in photosynthesis. The food colors play an important part in identifying or judging the food. The colors are usually the first food property to strike the senses. Food Colors, are sense impressions that raised when light reflected from foods excites the retina of the eye and the particular
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cosmetics and food drugs. It comes from a variety of sources like seeds, fruits and vegetables, algae or insect. Many uprising Food colors are commercially brought out. About 1500 colored compounds, also called natural food coloring have been detached from food stuffs. It can be obtained from a variety of herbs, spices and minerals. Natural food colors can be extracted from the source of raw material. A suited natural food color can be attained from the factors such as pH, heat, light storage and other components of the formula. Natural colors can be stored depending on the particular need of the product. In fig 1.1 as it can be seen that natural red color has been extracted from beet root. The beet root gives the pretty red color.Like this beet root alo gives the red color powders. Natural colors are the main food quality through which consumer attract. It highly affects the product value. Every food designer knows that consumer passes judgment not only on the basis of flavours but also on the appearance of the food.Natural colors are not always available if they are in need then they are derived from the natural …show more content…
Normal foodstuff colors are located with restricted colors. A number of illustrations of the very most well-known healthy foodstuff colors

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