My Favourite Vacation Spot is St. Martin Essay

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I got dazzled once again by the beauty of St. Martin. St. Martin is undoubted a special place for vacation and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Among all the places I have visited, it is the most unique. If anybody asks me about a vacation spot, the first thing that comes up in my mind is St. Martin. This is not for it is in my country but for its explicit natural beauty, social environment and the facilities available there.

Natural has its own world in St. Martin. The island is about two kilometres long and the deep blue water all around it is outstanding to watch. Rocks of different sizes and types are all around the beach, some of which are with razor sharp spikes that can cut your foot into pieces if you step on
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Most of the live corals are found here. However, the facilities for the tourist in St. Martin make it more vibrant.

St. Martin is the also known as "Narikel Jinjira" which means place of coconuts. This is because the island's maximum vegetation is Coconut tree. As a result, the price of coconuts is the cheapest here. People here drink coconut water more than the plain water. On the other hand, the food here is magnificent. Lobsters, red crabs, eleven types of pomfrets, sword fish and many kinds of dried fish are available here. There are plenty of restaurants where you can find these and local markets to sell these products. In spite of being so far away from the country, St. Martin has a couple of 3star hotels and many rest houses for the tourists. For communication, there are dinghies and speed boats for travelling in water and on the ground, people prefer walking. To add a little spice to the fact, the social environment of island grabs the tourist further into captivity.

With only a thousand people living here, St. Martin is the land of peace. Proper security is ensured by the law enforcement officers, which amazingly is not required. There have been no criminal incidents in St. Martin till now. Only a single case was recorded in the police station which was due to the confusion between two farmers regarding lands. Government has taken good initiatives to fulfil the needs of the tourists. In addition, people here only very concentrate on there

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