My Classroom Management Plan Essay

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Classroom Management Plan A. Theoretical introduction Classroom management should be a uniform understanding of what is expected by every student that is in my classroom. They know that there are many unspoken rules that should be followed, as well as the spoken and the written rules that have been established. These rules that I have come up with in my class will be stressed during the first few days of school when the school year starts, ideally. These rules will not be used to restrict the students from expressing their own individuality, but they will serve to assist the positive flow of the classroom. The flow of the classroom will be one where student will feel comfortable, safe and able to learn. This can only be …show more content…
Classroom management should be instilled in the minds of the students from several years back, by the time they reach secondary education. When it comes to the instruction of students, they should all be ready to do what they are supposed to be doing at school, learning. By the time students get to the secondary level of education, or high school, they should already know now they should behave and how they should not be behaving. Students should be fully aware of the value of their education, more so for the students who attend a school in an inner city or a “low-income” school. They should have the mindset that by them going to school and getting their “free” education, they could possibly be more prepared to accomplish any goal they may have set for themselves. However the nature of young people is much different, it is unfortunately much more negative. Students, young people, do not wish to take the time to really work for anything. Many students feel that they need to have immediate compensation, and great compensation for as little amount of effort on their behalf. Students want to have the easy way out of everything, they want the money, the fame and the luxury of a great person, however they are willing to put 10%, if not less, of the work that is required to achieve this. There are several different ways we, as teachers, can attempt to gain their attention so that they could successfully accomplish the required work. Students have a variety of ways in

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