Muslims, Jews, and Christians Must Embrace Each Other Essay examples

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Muslims, Jews, and Christians Must Embrace Each Other

From the dawn of creation, God has been and will always be the central foundation of life. God created man to worship Him, but throughout the ages men have gone their separate ways to create different ways to worship God. From this separation many different religions have formed. Each distinct religion has various forms of beliefs.
Although Islam, Judaism, and Christianity established their roots in God, each religion differs in living out their faith and in their own way discriminates against people with different beliefs from their own.

Muslims, along with non-Arabs, practice the religion of Islam. Muslims believe that “Islam has always been the only acceptable
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To Muslims, faith is the “state of happiness acquired by virtue of positive action” (Abdalati 23). Faith is also acquired through works of man. In order to have faith or salvation a believer must show himself/herself worthy; “the measure of one’s faith is one’s deeds and actions”
(Squires). They also believe that in the end, Allah will judge them on an absolute scale of justice based upon their deeds during their lifetime.

Judaism established its beginning upon the Mosaic Law because Moses is the father of their faith. There are three different “denominations” within Judaism: first are the Orthodox Jews, second are the Conservative Jews, and thirdly are the Reformative
Jews. Within each different sect are similarities and differences in the way they believe.
A Jewish man or woman lives their life doing good works. They believe that on
“the Day of Judgment, what they have done in their lifetime will grant them into God’s
Book of Life” (Ellison). In other words, Jews receive their salvation through their good works. They believe that grace comes through walking out what God has instructed them to do in Micah 6, verse 8: “...the Lord has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God”
(NLT). Jews believe that grace comes through the practice of their good works.

In Old Testament

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