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Mexico is a country that has long been thought of as being an impoverished nation, with many more people who are among the poor that those who can be reasonably be considered to be wealthy. In recent years the Mexican people have had a dramatic change in their demographic outlook, with the largest change being in the fertility rate having dropped from 6.5 in the early 70’s to its current rate of 2.2 – easily the fastest rate of decline in the world today. With the importance of family to the Mexican people it is hard to imagine that these new rates will be sustainable in the future and will have dramatic negative implications for the economies of both Mexico and the United States as the population ages without replacement workers …show more content…
When thinking of the extended family, even close friends of the parents are referred to as “aunt” or “uncle” giving a truth to the proverb that it takes a village to raise a child (McGoldrick, et. al., 2005).
Three major concepts that help in understanding the Mexican family are those of Machismo, Maran Marianismo and Familisimo. Machismo is often misunderstood as a dominance of men in the home and can bring up images of men in ‘wife beaters’ drinking beer and yelling at their children and wives, telling them what to do. This is the epitome of maleness, what a man is supposed to be, the defender of the home, the bread winner. Marianismo is the female equivalent to machismo; it is the purity of the feminine. Familisimo is the interdependence of the family on the extended members, the idea that there must be a sharing in nurturing and disciplining the children. A sharing of companionship for those family members that are alone or isolated, it is the idea that the family is a part, and extension of one’s self (McGoldrick, et. al., 2005).
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Through the duration of this class there have been no Mexican festivals that have taken place, however I have previously attended celebrations including Cinco de Mayo and a Dia de la Muerte celebration.
Cinco de Mayo,

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