Memoirs of the Liars Club Essay

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Memoirs of the Liars Club

1. The memoir that I feel most reflects my life is Living in Tongues by Luc Sante. I was raised predominantly speaking another language, Farsi. It is also the language that I mainly speak at home considering my grandmother is visiting and it would be rude for me to speak to my other family members in English. When I first started Kindergarten, I did not know how to speak English, nor did I know how to write in it. I too, felt frustrated and somewhat alienated. I am also interested in American History and the historical sites and attractions within the United States. I cannot get over how large Yellowstone National Park is or how beautiful the streets of New York can get on summer nights. Whenever my
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The memoir also makes impressive and perceptible analogies between memoirs and society. Basically, the memoir says that in a time where talk shows are mundane; confession in public is part of human nature. As the memoir suggests, an achievement in self-aspiration is a direct result of "unbridled candor." This memoir has helped me to be honest in all of my literary work. By honest, I mean to be as blunt, concise, and straightforward as possible.

4. The article that changed the way that I view the process of writing in general is Flower Child by Lisa Michaels. Basically, although this memoir isn't "short and sweet"; it is however, very sweet. This memoir may sometimes bore you with stoical details, but it is extremely factual. I have of course read many memoirs that seemed lifelike, but not like this one. She mentions every single thing her father ever did in her life, which can be quite irritating to the reader. She mentions her father's rebellions, his letters sent, to her feelings towards him. I guess what I am trying to say is that as a writer, I was taught to keep it as simple as I could. This author however, felt that she should take it to the next step. Complexity attracts the reader vastly. This is why I felt that the memoir has altered my writing in some ways.

Part II: Literature Logs

Daughter of Persia by Sattareh Farman Farmaian

Pages 11-23

This book has a significant recognition for my identity and

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