Analysis Of Three Cups Of Deceit By John Krakauer

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In the following paper, the student will identify ethical dilemmas presented in Three Cups of Deceit by John Krakauer. The main character of the book is Greg Mortenson, founder of Central Asia Institute (CAI). The book details how CAI was formed and how Greg Mortenson mismanaged funds. Krakauer once a financial donor to CAI reveals the lies found in Mortenson books Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools. In Krakauer book, he presents facts about the unethical conduct of Greg Mortenson and CAI staff members through a qualitative analysis of events and personal interviews from former CEOs, former Board members, and recipients of schools built in Afghanistan. To identify the unethical actions of Mortenson and the organization
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Standard 15 and 24. Standard 15 is defined as Nonprofit organization leaders "provide a mechanism for identifying client needs and assets, and assisting in planning and mobilizing to advocate for those needs at the individual, and community level” (NOHS, 2014). Mortenson hired Ted Callahan to do a needs assessment for the Kyrgyz people. In preparing the needs assessment, Callahan noted that the “Kyrgyz tribe preferred a road that would reach the rest of Afghanistan, or health clinic” instead of a school (Krakauer, 2014, p. 62). According to our textbook, in Chapter 14 Community counseling is defined as “comprehensive helping framework that is grounded in multicultural competence” (Corey, G., Corey, M. S., Corey, C., & Callanan, P., 2015, p. 467). Indirect client services in the community counseling model provide collaborative efforts between the indigenous people and a nonprofit organization (Corey et al., 2015). CAI leaders could have created change by actively building a partnership with leaders in the community by determining the needs of the community it served, instead of providing schools a community could not utilize. Another example of an ethical standard Greg Mortenson violated was Standard 24 is defined as Nonprofit leaders “participate in efforts to establish and maintain employment conditions which are conducive to high-quality client services. Whenever possible, they assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the agency through reliable and valid assessment measures.” (NOHS, 2014). According to the Three Cups of Deceit, CAI’s CEOs and Board Members requested him to be more transparent in documenting his expenses. The Chief Financial Officers Mortenson hired established new financial policies and procedures, but Mortenson never complies. He would stop communicating with staff and Board of Directors until everyone quit. The board treasurer Gordon Whistle, stated he left because “Greg

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