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Marilyn Monroe When someone mentions Marilyn Monroe, one usually thinks off the seductive all-American sex goddess who captured the world with her woman-childlike charm. Yet not many know her as the illegitimate child who endured a childhood of poverty and misery, sexual abuse, and years in foster home and orphanages. Most people don’t realize that her disrupted loveless childhood may been the main reason to her early death. Norma Jeane Baker’s father, Edward Mortenson, had deserted her

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Ben Lyon was the one who suggested the new name for the fledging actress, Marilyn Monroe. Along with this name change came a personality change. Her voice was lightened to speak in a whispery tone, and her nose was stretched to get rid of the pudgy look. She was no longer Norma Jeane the troubled orphan, she was now Marilyn Monroe the superstar. Marilyn met Joe Dimaggio in early 1952, she was 25 and he was 37. By February the romance was in full bloom. After appearing in small parts of films including Happy Love, and All About Eve, Monroe achieved celebrity with starring roles in three 1953 features, Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and How to Marry a Millionaire. In 1948 she began to make a series of nude calendar photos, which appeared in the December 1953 debut issue of Playboy magazine. By the end of the year, Monroe had been voted the top star of 1953 by American Film Distributors. On January 14, Joe and Marilyn were married. The wedding captured the headlines worldwide. Joe was extremely jealous type of a guy and resented her popularity among other men. "He desired a housewife, not a
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